Welcome to Twin Ridge

The Twin Ridge Homeowners Association (TRHA) is a unique HOA established in the early 60s. Unlike a traditional HOA, the homeowners of Twin Ridge at that time decided to keep the association 'informal' with the by-laws serving as guidelines while the Covenants ensured that builders adhered to high construction standards while developing the neighborhood. This approach has proven successful in maintaining the desired standards and sense of community within Twin Ridge over the years, which is reflected in the longevity of home ownership. 

The TRHA board is comprised of eight socially-oriented volunteers, serving two-year terms. The annual member dues, set at just $100, support various activities and initiatives such as adult and youth programs, beautification and maintenance efforts, and communications through this website, resident directory, newsletter and Facebook community (Twin Ridge Gang). When called upon by residents, the Board will intervene on matters of municipal and neighborhood concern- be it roads, safety or issues of upkeep- in order to preserve the quality of living that makes Twin Ridge so unique.

The Board holds two regular meetings each year, usually in the Spring and Fall, to discuss community matters. Additionally, residents are encouraged to attend the annual meeting held every January. During this meeting, residents have the opportunity to participate in discussions and elections of board members.

If you would like more information regarding Twin Ridge or have specific questions related to neighborhood or the Board's activities send an email to Twinridgers@gmail.com.

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